Alleviate the pain of a true-up bill before it gets worse.

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Stop Your True-Up Now


What Is True-Up?

A year after they’ve installed their solar power system, many homeowners receive a surprising bill. This true-up bill asks the homeowner to pay in for electricity they used over the course of the year – an unplanned expense that can run thousands of dollars.

How We'll Reduce Your True-Up Bill

We help homeowners knock their true-up bills down to zero.* We survey your solar system, make recommendations that will increase your power production, and help you implement our action plan. When you work with us, you’ll save money while saving the Earth.

Our Process


One of our consultants conducts a free survey of your solar system.


Based on our findings, we recommend an action plan for optimizing your solar.


We work with you to implement your action plan - saving money and producing more power.

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Schedule a Free Survey

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*While we work to reduce your true-up bill as much as possible, we do not guarantee that we can reduce every customer’s true-up bill to $0. Many factors, including your own future electricity usage, can affect your true-up bill.

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